Delivered through myStudent Centre, Custom Timetables enable students to create a personalized timetable from scratch using the online custom timetable builder.


Shopping Cart and Enrolment Appointments
When you log into myStudent Centre, you can view the date when your shopping cart opens as well as the date of your enrolment appointment.

  • Shopping Cart Appointment: this is the date you can start to add courses to your Shopping Cart and validate your classes. Note that loading a course to your Shopping Cart does not reserve your place in a course or add the course to your timetable. To add a course to your timetable and reserve your place, you must enrol in the course once your Enrolment Appointment opens.

  • Enrollment Appointment: this is the date you can actually enroll in classes.

Shortly before you are able to enrol in courses you will have the opportunity to plan your custom timetable. During your Shopping Cart appointment you will be able to load courses to your Shopping Cart.


Important! Always check the class location and mode of instruction
Courses may be scheduled across different campuses and may use different modes of instruction. Courses can be delivered in-class, online or as a hybrid (in-class and online.) Make sure you are aware of where and how your selected classes are delivered to avoid any surprises at the start of term. You should also account for travel time between campuses where necessary.


How to enrol in courses


Step 1: Open the Enrollment Shopping Cart

Click the "Enrollment Shopping Cart" link

Shopping Cart step 1

Step 2: Load courses to Shopping Cart

When you first view your Shopping Cart it will be empty. Click “Search” to generate a list of courses available to you. Both core courses and elective courses can be loaded to your Shopping Cart.


The Course Detail page will provide you with further information regarding the course and a list of available classes. You can filter this list by a range of criteria to find the class that suits you best. You can select classes at any time - day or evening. To load a class to your Shopping Cart, click the “Select” button beside your preferred class.

Validate Courses

Step 3: Validate your courses

Validating your Courses will check:
  1. Whether you have successfully completed the prerequisites required to take each course
  2. Whether there are any time conflicts with other selected courses.

To validate your courses, select all the courses preloaded to your Shopping Cart that you wish to validate and then click the “Validate button.”

Please note: If you wish to validate co-requisite courses, you must select and validate all dependant co-requisite courses together, otherwise validation will be unsuccessful.
Validate Courses
Review the validation results.
Courses will be successfully validated where:
  • The course will not result in any time conflicts with other selected courses
  • You satisfy all the necessary criteria to take the course (such as prerequisites)
Check validation and delete invalid courses
When you return to your Shopping Cart, you may wish to individually validate any courses where you received an unsuccessful validation result to make sure you are aware of all the reasons the course could not be validated. For example, a course may not be validated because of a time conflict with another class AND because you do not meet the prerequisites to take the course.

It is recommended that you delete any courses that were not successfully validated before you preload new courses to your Shopping Cart to avoid confusion. Click on the "Search" button to add new courses to validate.

Step 4: Enrol in courses

Select the courses you wish to enrol in
Once all the courses loaded to your Shopping Cart have been successfully validated, enrol in the courses to create your timetable. First select all the courses you wish to enrol in by clicking the checkbox. You only have to select the courses you wish to enrol in at that time.

However, be aware, there may be no longer places available in a course when you come to enrol at a later date.

Please note: If you wish to enrol in co-requisite courses, you must select and enrol in all dependant co-requisite courses together, otherwise enrolment will be unsuccessful.
Enrol Courses

Choosing your Electives

Once your Enrolment Appointment opens, you can choose your elective(s) for the term. The earlier you select your elective, the more options will be available to you. Click here for more information on Electives.


Once Cross Campus Enrolment opens, more options may become available to you. However, it is recommended that you select an elective as soon as possible in case your preferred option is not available.