Introducing the Visual Schedule Builder!


Search through thousands of schedules to find the best match for you


Block off days and times you'd like to keep free


Prioritize schedules that work best for you


Speed up course verification and enrolment


Custom Schedules enable students to choose from thousands of schedules using the Visual Schedule Builder.



Click here for more information on the Visual Schedule Builder


You can still build your schedule using PeopleSoft Custom Schedules. Please note the older system will lack many of the functions available through the Visual Schedule Builder.


Shopping Cart and Enrolment Appointments


When you log into myStudent Centre, you can view the date when your shopping cart opens as well as the date of your enrolment appointment.

  • Shopping Cart Appointment: this is the date when you can begin to add courses to your shopping cart and validate your classes. Shortly before you are able to enrol in courses you will have the opportunity to plan your custom schedule. Note that loading a course to your shopping cart doesn't reserve your place in a course or add the course to your schedule. To add a course to your schedule and reserve your place, you'll need to enrol in the course once your enrolment appointment opens.

  • Enrolment Appointment: this is the date you can actually enroll in classes.

Choosing your Electives

Once your enrolment appointment opens, you can choose your elective(s) for the term. The earlier you select your elective, the more options will be available to you. Click here for more information on electives.


Once cross-campus enrolment opens, more options may become available to you. However, it's recommended that you select an elective as soon as possible in case your preferred option isn't available.