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The deadline for Online Course Adds for the Fall Term is Monday, September 11

Course Adds are available to postsecondary fulltime and part time students.

As of August 21 students can add courses delivered on campuses other than their home campus. Therefore, it is important that students are familiar with the location of all their classes. Click here for more information.

Students are also able to add courses ahead of their normal program progression. However, students are advised to keep to the recommended program path as outlined in myAcademic Requirements.

Modes of Instruction

Sheridan offers in-class, online and hybrid courses. Please ensure that you check the course instruction mode prior to adding or swapping a course.

Exemptions (subject to change)

  • Students cannot add a class if there is a time conflict with another class.
  • Students cannot add field placements or co-op classes (with the exception of PECED - Early Childhood Education and PECEP - Early Childhood Education (Part Time)).
  • Each student is assigned an expected course load based on their current level in their program. Students are unable to exceed this course load using the online course add functionality.

  • The following programs and courses are exempt from class adds:

    Program Exemptions

    Faculty Course Code Course Title
    Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design
    FAAD PARTF Art Fundamentals
    FAAD PBAAA Honours Bachelor of Animation
    FAAD PATAF Advanced Television and Film
    FAAD PBAAI Honours Bachelor of Illustration
    FAAD PBGDS Honours Bachelor of Game Design - First Year
    FAAD PMDAF Media Fundamentals – First Year, first semester
    FAAD PCVAD Visual & Creative Arts (3 Years)-First Year
    FAAD PCVAT Visual & Creative Arts (2 Years)-First Year
    FAAD PJRNL Journalism
    FAAD PJRNM Journalism - New Media
    Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies
    FAHCS PBAHS Athletic Therapy (Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences)
    Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
    FAST   ALL Semester 1 students are exempted from adding courses
    Pilon School of Business
    PSB PBAFC Business Administration – Finance
    ( Banking and Wealth Management)
    PSB PBPRI Business Process Management
    PSB PHRMC Human Resources Management



    Project Management


    Course Exemptions

    Faculty Course Code Course Title
    Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design
    FAAD COMM17028 Introduction to Writing
    FAAD COMM20918 Convergent Media Writing
    FAAD COSM 13314 Hair Styling for Makeup Artists
    FAAD COSM11254 Fundamentals of Makeup Application
    FAAD DESN21044 Graphic Design 1
    FAAD DESN29207 Graphic Design 2
    FAAD INFO20408 Electronic Media
    FAAD INFO25436 Electronic Media 2
    FAAD INFO33672 Electronic Media 3
    FAAD INFO40065 Electronic Media 4
    FAAD JOUR18081 News Editing/Shooting/Audio
    FAAD JOUR10036 Introduction to Reporting
    FAAD JOUR10261 News Editing/Shooting/Writing
    FAAD JOUR14049 Program Production for Broadcast News
    FAAD JOUR24579 Daily News Lab Show Prep
    FAAD JOUR20000 Broadcast Beats
    FAAD JOUR20172 Daily News Lab Production
    FAAD JOUR23314 Broadcast Magazine Production
    FAAD JOUR29599 Broadcast Producing
    FAAD JOUR27198 Introduction to Long Format Stories
    FAAD JOUR27545 Broadcast Magazine Show Preparation
    FAAD JOUR20082 Online News Lab Production
    FAAD JOUR28823 Sports Broadcasting
    FAAD JOUR24717 Radio Broadcasting
    Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies



    Therapeutic Exercise

    FAHCS CHEM14438 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Compounding
    FAHCS HEAL11651 Introduction to Community Pharmacy Dispensing
    FAHCS HEAL16529 Intermediate Community Pharmacy Dispensing
    FAHCS HEAL 20036 Health Assessment


    HEAL 40016

    Independent Research Proposal



    Nursing Clinical 2



    Nursing Clinical 3



    Nursing Clinical 4



    Advanced Fitness and Lifestyle Assessment and Counseling



    Fitness and Lifestyle Interventions in Populations with Special Needs



    Clinical Exercise Psychology

    FAHCS PHAR 20001 Medical Terminology 2
    Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
    Please NOTE: Students can only add, swap or drop the following exempt FAST courses until day one of classes
    FAST APPL10016 Productivity Software -MS Word
    FAST APPL10302 Web Design
    FAST APPL19014 Spreadsheet Power User MSExcel
    FAST APPL50229 Interactive Coding 1
    FAST APPL57198 Web Application Development
    FAST BIOL10101 Microbiology
    FAST BIOL14108 Human Biology
    FAST CHEM10371 Lab Techniques
    FAST CHEM16682 Applied Chemistry 1
    FAST CHEM10371 Lab Techniques
    FAST CHEM16682 Applied Chemistry 1
    FAST CHEM17370 Introductory Chemistry
    FAST CHEM20379 Applied Chemistry 2
    FAST CHEM21471 Organic Chemistry 1
    FAST CHEM25415 Instrumental Analysis 1
    FAST CHEM25770 Analytical Chemistry 1
    FAST CHEM27025 Analytical Chemistry 2
    FAST CHEM29402 Introductory Chemistry 2
    FAST CHEM29479 Instrumental Analysis 2
    FAST CHEM29536 Organic Chemistry 2
    FAST CHEM30104 Physical Chemistry 2
    FAST CHEM34137 Physical Chemistry 1
    FAST CHEM36472 Biochemistry
    FAST COMM15586 Workplace Preparation
    FAST DESN14998 Intro to Figurative Sculpture
    FAST DSGN53871 Web Design 1
    FAST DSGN54178 Technology Design Studio 1
    FAST ELEY10146 Residential Installations
    FAST ENGI10025 Exploring Engineering Tech
    FAST ENGI10146 Engineering Graphics
    FAST ENGI11044 Precision Machining 1a
    FAST ENGI12195 Practical Circuits
    FAST ENGI12578 Electricity 1
    FAST ENGI14579 Welding and Cutting Processes
    FAST ENGI14998 Precision Machining 1b
    FAST ENGI15064 Industrial Practices
    FAST ENGI15592 Applied Electricity
    FAST ENGI16048 Plumbing Trade Safety
    FAST ENGI16367 Welding Trade Safety
    FAST ENGI16434 Electronic Fabrication
    FAST ENGI17545 Structural Fillet Welding
    FAST ENGI17900 Industrial Electronic Devices1
    FAST ENGI18634 Manufacturing Trade Safety
    FAST ENGI19282 Electricity 1
    FAST ENGI 19599 Electrical Trade Safety 1
    FAST ENGI19723 Mech Drafting Fundamentals
    FAST ENGI19798 Blueprint Reading for Welders
    FAST ENGI18634 Manufacturing Trade Safety
    FAST ENGI24056 Waste Water Treatment
    FAST ENGI27086 Technical Report 1
    FAST ENGI27600 Air Pollution Chemistry
    FAST ENGI30512 Unit Operations 1
    FAST ENGI33126 Technical Report 2
    FAST ENGI37798 Unit Operations 2
    FAST HEAL27485 Health, Work and Safety
    FAST HIST56529 History and Theory of Games
    FAST INFO10111 Systems Loss Prevention Method
    FAST INFO16029 Problem Solv/Programming Logic
    FAST INFO 56206 Interaction Design & User Exp
    FAST LIFE15291 College Success 1
    FAST MACH16367 Intro to Construction Trades
    FAST MATH10001 Mathematics for Computing
    FAST MATH10002 Mathematics for Computing -Lab
    FAST MATH10025 Mathematics for Computing
    FAST MATH11975 Intro to Technical Mathematics
    FAST MATH13199 Mathematics for Welders
    FAST MATH13314 Intro Mathematics for Chemical
    FAST MATH13431 Mathematics for the Trades
    FAST MATH14998 Computer Mathematics 1
    FAST MATH17688 Mathematics 1
    FAST MATH18634 Mathematics for Plumbers
    FAST MATH19402 Fundamentals of Tech Math
    FAST MATH22981 Differential Calculus
    FAST MATH26507 Discrete Math
    FAST MEDA53431 Audio Video
    FAST MGMT53567 Project Management 1
    FAST PMTC91001 Trade Calculations 1
    FAST PMTC91002 Trade Blueprint Reading 1
    FAST PROG10004 Programming Principles
    FAST PROG10082 Object Oriented Prog 1 - JAVA
    FAST PROG12974 Introduction to Programming(C)
    FAST PROG18379 VB .net Programming
    FAST PROG50016 Game Architecture
    FAST PROG50102 Game Engine Fundamentals
    FAST PROG54310 Computer Graphics and Animat'n
    FAST PROG 56693 Tools and Data-Drive Design
    FAST PROG28263 Internet Site Development-Java. Exempt for PCSSN-Computer Systems Technician-Software Engineering and PCSTC-Computer Science Technology Coop
    FAST SCIE16007 Environmental Science
    FAST SYST10049 Web Development
    FAST SYST10082 Operating Systems Fundamentals
    FAST SYST16529 Business Software Systems
    FAST SYST18713 Intro to UNIX Operating System
    FAST SYST19866 Operating Systems Technologies
    FAST TECH10065 Residential Prints & Standards
    FAST TECH19599 Exploring I.T.
    FAST TELE10025 Network Foundations
    FAST TELE16048 Intro to Communicat'n Networks
    FAST TSKL13431 Plumbing Theory & Practice 1A
    FAST TSKL18263 Blue Print Reading & Trade Doc
    FAST TSKL18823 Plumbing Practice & Theory 2
    Pilon School of Business



    Advertising Campaign Development



    Integrated Marketing Communications Management

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