How to view your Timetable

To access your timetable:

  • Log into myStudent Centre with your username and password
  • Click on the Enroll link under Academics
  • Click on Weekly Calendar View – your timetable is date sensitive; fill in ‘Week of:’ as 09/11/2017

As of August 21 students can add courses delivered on campuses other than their home campus. Therefore, it is important that students are familiar with the location of all their classes. Click here for more information.

You can only view your timetable provided you have paid your fees.  International students must pay their fees and submit their study permits in order to view their timetables.

Please note: It is sometimes necessary to make changes to timetables. Therefore, it is recommended that students check their timetable during the first week of classes to ensure they have the most up to date version.

Assigned Timetables: Dates and Deadlines

For the Fall Term, access to Assigned Timetable and the Add/Swap/Drop services will open on different days for different programs and campuses. The different opening days will not impact the choice of courses and time slots available to students. However, it will speed up the process, reduce the number of technical issues and free up more resources to assist students when required.


Please check the myStudent Centre for your enrolment appointments.

Fall 2017: Timetables - ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE..

Fall 2017: Dates for Timetables
August 14 - 7am

Timetable Preview opens

In person appointments open for Accessible Learning Students to Add, Drop and Swap

August 15 - 7am

Assigned Timetable add, swap and drop opens for:

  • Hazel McCallion - Potential graduates
  • Hazel McCallion - New students

Communication Foundations and Essential Communications Skills enrolment opens

August 16 - 7am

Assigned Timetable add, swap and drop opens for:

  • Hazel McCallion - Returning students
August 17 - 7am Assigned Timetable add, swap and drop opens for:
  • Davis Campus
August 18 - 7am

Assigned Timetable add, swap and drop opens for:

  • Trafalgar Campus

Open enrolment opens. ALL students who have PAID fees by the deadline have access to self-service enrolment for the Fall term.  Late payments will result in a delay in accessing self-service.

August 18 @ 11:59pm Deadline for ECE & Educational Support Field Placement Registration.
August 18

End of Spring/Summer 2017 Term

August 20 @ 11:59pm Deadline for submission of ECE & Educational Support Field Placement Information sheet.
August 21 @ 9:00am

In-person Part-time and Additional Course Enrolment

Cross campus enrolment opens

September 5 Start of Fall 2017 Term
September 11 Last Day to Add and Swap a course, be admitted to a program
September 18 Last Day to Drop a course/withdraw from a program with partial refund

Edit your timetable

Postsecondary students who have paid their fees are able to add, drop or swap courses online through myStudent Centre.

Add Swap Drop
How to add a course How to swap a class How to drop a course
Add exemptions Swap Exemptions Drop exemptions
Add - Important Information Swap - Important Information Drop - Important Information


Understanding your timetable

Make sure you are aware of the time and location of your classes. Some Sheridan programs have classes scheduled at more than one Sheridan campus. Please follow your timetable closely to be sure that you are familiar with the location of each class. (See the below illustration to identify the class location.)

Understand your timetable


You may be required to choose electives for your program. It is important that you log into myStudent Centre before the start of term to confirm whether your program requires elective selection for this semester.

Click here for more information on choosing your electives

Breadth Electives

All of Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor Degree programs must include breadth electives from particular fields of study and levels.

The only exception is PBHSK - Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences – Kinesiology and Health Promotion, which only requires first year students to take breadth electives.

Click here for more information on breadth electives