Sheridan to Sheridan Course Substitution

What is a Course Substitution?

Sheridan to Sheridan equivalency – where a previously completed course with at least an 80% match is substituted in a new program to meet a requirement. To request a course substitution, the student contacts the appropriate coordinator – Program Coordinator, English Coordinator, Breadth Coordinator, or General Elective Coordinator to make the request.

Courses with the exact same course code (COMM 19999 for example), or electives that will meet the new program requirements will automatically be counted towards credit towards the new program. Students are encouraged to check the "Academic Requirements" link in the Academics section of the myStudent Centre account to view any completed courses that are being used for the new program.


Please note: Students should continue to attend classes until official notification that the course substitution has been approved. If the course substitution is approved, and reduces your course/credit load to less than 60%, it will affect your eligibility for OSAP. Check with the Financial Aid Office if you are uncertain of your eligibility. The original grade received will be counted in the GPA calculation of the program the course is transferred to.

What is the difference between a Course Equivalency and Substitution?

A course substitution is a one way equivalency that students need to request. A course equivalency is permanently set up in the system and student automatically receive credit

How is it different than Advanced Standing?

The original course is approved as a substitution. The grade earned is used in GPA calculation

In both cases, the originally earned grade will be counted in and affect the new program GPA.