Guidelines for Scanning and Uploading Documents to OSAP

Scan and Upload Your Documents to OSAP to Speed Up Processing Time... and a Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card

Happy student winningIf you are a student who is applying for OSAP – or will be in future semesters – the speediest way to have your application processed is for you to scan and upload any outstanding signature pages and/or supporting documentation directly to your account. Submitting your documents online can shave days or weeks off of application processing times.

See the OSAP web page on the Sheridan website for application information, deadline dates, and more.

Win a $50 Gift Card

When you upload your documents to OSAP, you'll be automatically entered in our monthly draw where you could win a $50 Bookstore gift card or a $50 gift card for Loblaws. One winner will be selected each month from among the students who uploaded OSAP documents for that particular month. Winning students will be notified via their Sheridan email accounts.

Scanning Your Signature Files and Supporting Documentation

Below are some general guidelines to follow when scanning your signature pages and supporting documentation for your OSAP application:

  • each required document must be scanned separately
  • documents must be saved in PDF format
  • scan documents in black and white (even if the source document is in colour)
  • scan documents at a resolution of 150 or 200 dpi (dots per inch) to maintain a reasonable file size (you cannot submit a file larger than 2 MB in size)
  • make sure your scanned documents are clear and easy to read before submitting

Note: all students with a valid Sheridan onecard have access to the Scan to Email feature (see instructions in the panel below) that is available via Sheridan's multifunction printers.

How to Scan Your Documents to Email Using Sheridan's Multifunction Printers

Scanning Documents to Email

If you are a registered Sheridan student with a valid onecard you can use the free scan to email feature that is accessible from any of the multifunction printers found across campus. These printers are automatically configured to scan at 150 dpi and save files in the PDF format – ideal for your OSAP documents.

  1. Tap your onecard on the card reader connected to the printer to access printer functions

  2. Tap the Email@ button

  3. By default, the printer is configured to send the scanned file to your Sheridan email address. You can change this or add additional email addresses if desired.

  4. Place your document in the printers document feeder or place it directly on the scanning bed. Press the green button on the panel to scan the document.

  5. You will be prompted to Scan Another Page or Finish the Job – select Finish the Job and the scanned file will be emailed to the address specified in step 3.

Uploading Your Documents

From your OSAP account main page you can click on Print/Upload under your application. This will take you to your Required Documents page. Here you can print documents to sign them and then scan them onto your computer so you can upload them.

  • you can only upload PDF files
  • you cannot upload a file that is password protected
  • uploaded files must be no larger than 2 MB in size

Checking the Status of Your Application

To check the status of your OSAP application, please log into your OSAP account.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about uploading your documents to OSAP, send email to