How to access your Sheridan email

As a Sheridan applicant you have access to your own Sheridan email account.
All future email correspondences from Sheridan will be sent to your Sheridan email account, so monitor your account regularly. Click here for Sheridan email information and support.

Changing your password

We encourage you to change your password for security purposes. For more information please see Student Accounts.

How to access myStudent Centre

myStudent Centre is a personalized portal which allows you to manage your application, links you to the information required to manage your campus life and gives you the ability to do the following online:

  1. Monitor your application status
  2. Register for Portfolio Assessment (where applicable)
  3. Register for pre-admissions assessment (where applicable)
  4. View and update personal information
  5. Apply for selected bursaries
  6. View and manage your fees and finances
  7. View and update your program and academic information
  8. Access and edit your timetable

*Not all services are available to all students

Tracking your Application

To access the Application Status page:

  • Log-in to myStudent Centre using your generated Sheridan username and password.
  • Under the Admissions heading click Application Status

  • The Application Status page provides important links and allows you to:

    1. View outstanding admission requirements for a summary of tasks/tests and their status, if applicable, that need to be completed by an applicant before being considered for admission to a specific program.
    2. View additional admission requirements to link to the applicant instructions for selected programs. These instructions will detail any additional, program-specific assignments (e.g. portfolio, resume) required.
    3. View Summary of Test Results for all pre-admission testing.
    4. View Fee Information for a summary of program fees.
    5. View Admissions Glossary for an explanation of various types of admission decisions.
    6. Click for more information if you need to contact us at admissions

    Also don't forget to check your mail (standard and email) and myOTR for information regarding further requirements, if applicable, for the program(s) to which you've applied.