About myAdmissions

myAdmissions provides you with information and resources to help guide you through Sheridan's admissions process. Applicants are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with Sheridan's Admission Policy and Admissions Procedure.

  • Admissions Essentials
  • Tracking Your Application
  • Admission Appeals
  • Waitlist FAQs

Admission Essentials

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myStudent Centre

myStudent Centre

myStudent Centre is a personalized portal which allows you to manage your application, links you to the information required to manage your campus life and gives you the ability to do the following online:

  • Monitor your application status
  • Register for Portfolio Assessment (where applicable)
  • Register for pre-admissions assessment (where applicable)
  • View and update personal information
  • Apply for selected bursaries
  • View and manage your fees and finances
  • View and update your program and academic information
  • Access and edit your timetable

*Not all services are available to all students

Your Sheridan Email Account

Your Sheridan Email Account*

As a Sheridan applicant you have access to your own Sheridan email account. Most of the email correspondences from the Office of the Registrar will be sent to your Sheridan email account, so monitor your account regularly.

See the Student Email page on the IT website for more information and support details.

*We strongly recommend that you change your password regularly

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing

Sheridan provides students with several opportunities to advance their academic career, including:

  • transferring credits earned at other colleges and universities
  • earning Sheridan credits of knowledge gained through applicable workplace experience

See the myPathways page for more details.

Important Links

Important Links

  • Accessible Learning Services
    Accessible Learning facilitates equitable access for eligible students with disabilities by coordinating appropriate academic accommodations and support services.

  • IT Information & Support
    The IT website is the place to go for information about connecting to Sheridan's technology infrastructure. Learn how to connect to Sheridan's wireless network, college printers, access software and more.

  • Mobile Computing Page
    Students in many of Sheridan's programs will benefit from the integration of laptop computers into their learning experience and will be required to own a laptop that meets the standards set by their program. The Mobile Computing page provides students with the latest standards and requirements for their program.

  • Sheridan's Library Services
    Connect to knowledge! Sheridan's Library Services provides access to many collections and services to nurture teaching and learning and foster academic excellence.

Tracking your Application

  1. Log-in to myStudent Centre using your Sheridan username and password
  2. Under the Admissions heading click Application Status

The Application Status page includes a number of important links to help guide you through the admissions process:

  • View outstanding admission requirements for a summary of any tasks/tests and their statuses that may need to be completed before being considered for admission to a specific program.
  • View additional admission requirements to link to the applicant instructions for selected programs. These instructions will detail any additional, program-specific assignments that are required (e.g. portfolio, resume)
  • View Summary of Test Results for all pre-admission testing.
  • View Fee Information for a summary of program fees.
  • View Admissions Glossary for an explanation of various types of admission decisions.
  • Click for more information if you need to contact us at admissions

Also don't forget to check your mail (standard and email) and the myOTR website for information regarding further requirements, if applicable, for the program(s) to which you've applied.

Admission Appeals

How it works

Applicants who are refused admission to a Sheridan program may obtain the specific reasons for such refusal and appeal that decision by submitting a request in writing to the Registrar.

Sheridan will not consider admissions appeals for the following reasons:

  • The Applicant thinks Sheridan should take another look at the application for admission.
  • Another Applicant with similar grades was given an offer of admission.
  • The Applicant’s sole reason to appeal is to express their desire to attend Sheridan.
  • The Applicant received offers of admission to other colleges, and feels they should get a Sheridan offer of admission.
  • The Applicant was “so close” to getting an offer of admission.

Applicants who have received their admission decision and would like to request an Admission Appeal must write a formal letter of appeal and submit the appeal form. For more information about grounds for an appeal, see the Admission Appeal Procedure.

Admission Appeal forms can be obtained in the Admissions office in room B101 at the Trafalgar Road Campus or can be downloaded below.

How to write and submit the letter

The typed letter (12 pt. font, single-spaced, 600 words max.) must be addressed to the Registrar, and delivered to Room B101 at the Trafalgar Road Campus, within 10 working days of receipt of the admission decision. 

A $50 (non-refundable) administration fee is required with this admission appeal request. Payment can be made by debit, certified cheque or money order (no cash or credit cards) at the front counter of the Office of the Registrar. Receipt of payment must be submitted with the letter of appeal and form.

Your letter must clearly state:

  • your name
  • the program you are appealing
  • why the Admission Appeal is being requested
  • the specific facts that you consider to be grounds relevant to the Admission Appeal
  • any previous attempts to address the situation
  • include your signature

If the request is not completed with these elements, the admission appeal may not be reviewed.

Portfolio Programs

To request an Admissions Appeal based on portfolio score, the applicant must meet the academic requirements of the program. Eligible applicants are selected for programs on the assessment of their previous academic achievement and the results of the portfolio assessment.

The original portfolio must be sent with the letter as it is possible it may be referenced along with the portfolio score and the academic marks in the appeal process. You do not need to include your portfolio with the letter if it was originally submitted online. The appeal process does not provide an opportunity for resubmission of new work. New submissions will not be considered or reviewed.

Please be aware that as a result of the Admission Appeal Process, the portfolio score may be affected in one of three ways: the score may remain the same, the score may increase or the score may decrease. It is possible that any change in score will not necessarily change the admission decision.

Waitlist FAQs

What is a waitlist?

Sheridan has a limited number of seats available in our programs.  Waitlists are developed to keep a qualified list of applicants for future consideration if seats become available. 

How long is the waitlist?

Waitlists are maintained at a reasonable level based on historical trends.  This means that the number of applicants placed on a waitlist depends on the waitlist activity in previous years. 

Where am I on the waitlist?

Your position on a waitlist can fluctuate based on numerous factors and therefore an applicant’s position may change.  It isn’t always possible to predict how many applicants on the list will be offered admission to their chosen program.  The highest ranked candidate will move off the waitlist first.  Sheridan will notify you as soon as possible if we have a seat for you. 

Will I automatically be moved to the next intake?
No, you will have to apply for this program through Ontario Colleges for the next available intake.  If you apply to an intake in the same academic year (September – May), you can add the application to your current OCAS application.

I applied before February 1, why am I on a waitlist?
Admission to many Sheridan programs is limited. As a result not all qualified applicants can be admitted, including those who applied before the Equal Consideration Date. Waiting lists of eligible applicants are maintained for certain programs. Applicants are ranked by their academic average, portfolio/supplemental score or a combination of both.

How long do I have to wait until a seat becomes available?
Seats generally become available later in the cycle, up to the 5th day of classes.

How and when will I know if a seat becomes available?
Admissions will contact you directly by phone and/or email to inquire if you are interested in attending in the program. You will be given a deadline in order to secure your seat in the program and to pay your tuition fees. Please ensure your contact information is up to date in your myStudent Centre account.

What is my GPA? What was the GPA needed to be admitted?
GPA stands for Grade Point Average. This is calculated from your transcripts and is based on the admission requirements for the program you have applied to.

When I applied for the program it was “open” at Ontario Colleges, so why am I on a waitlist?
Applicants to oversubscribed or highly competitive programs are admitted based on academic criteria and/or the ranking of a supplemental assignment (e.g. portfolios, resumes, questionnaires). The status of a program (open, waitlist, closed) can change at any time due to the number of qualified applicants versus number of available seats.

When will I find out if I can attend school for September (January, May)?
Applicants will be contacted from this list until the program is full or up to the fifth day of class, whichever comes first. 

When is the last day I can be offered a seat?
A seat can become available up until the fifth day of classes.

How are applicants chosen from the waitlist?
Applicants are ranked by their academic average, portfolio/supplemental score or a combination of both.  The candidate with the highest rank is chosen.

Will accepting another offer of admission affect my waitlist status? Will my fees transfer?
You can accept an offer of admission to one Sheridan program and still remain on a waitlist for another.   Your fees can be allocated to your new program choice at Sheridan.

Do I need to apply again to the next intake or will I automatically be considered for the next intake?
Your application will not be transferred to the next intake.  Instead, if you wish to be considered for a future intake, you will have to apply to Ontario Colleges.

If I do need to apply again will I be given preference?
No, each intake in evaluated separately based on the current applicant pool.

Will I need to pay the Ontario Colleges application fee again to apply to the next intake?
If you are applying to a new academic cycle, a new application fee will apply. Application cycles start every September. (September 2018, January 2018, May 2018 is one application cycle). These regulations are set forth by Ontario Colleges.