How to view your grades

To view your grades:

  1. Go to myStudent Centre
  2. Under the Academics heading click on the "other academics" drop down and select "Grades" to bring up the Grades page

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Academic Standing

Students enrolled in Sheridan programs are required to maintain specific grade point averages in order to continue in the program and graduate. Students who do not achieve the minimum term GPA requirements may be placed on Academic Probation or asked to withdraw from the College and/or program.

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Request a transcript

Part of the administration charge, paid at the time of your first year admission to Sheridan, entitles you to your first three official transcript requests. You can request a transcript online through myStudent Centre.

If you are requesting a Sheridan transcript for the purpose of applying to another Ontario college, transcripts can be requested through If you are applying to an Ontario university, transcripts can be requested through OUAC. There is no charge for Sheridan students and graduates.

If requesting a transcript at the end of a term you may wish to ensure that your grades have been processed prior to requesting your transcript.

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Historical Grade Schemes

Sheridan's grading system for evaluating performance has evolved over the years. To view grade schemes for past years, please follow the appropriate link below:

1967 – 1974
1975 – Summer 2001
Fall 2001 – January 2005