Breadth Electives

As part of the degree course students have to complete at least eight breadth elective courses (at least 20% of the total program hours) drawn from five fields of study:

  • Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Global Culture
  • Mathematics
  • Science

  • Students must complete:

  • An Introductory 1000 Level course in a minimum of two (2) of the five (5) above fields of study (if a course is related to the degree program of study, students will not be able to select that course)
  • At least two (2) courses at a level higher than Introductory 1000
  • In addition to the above, every degree program will include Composition and Rhetoric from the English/Literature discipline of Humanities; for some programs, Composition and Rhetoric may be considered part of the core curriculum and would not qualify as meeting breadth requirements
  • Breadth courses(s) to meet the requirement for the specific degree and be consistent with PEQAB Program Content Standard requirements

  • Once the Level and Fields of Study criteria have been satisfied, students can select their remaining outstanding breadth electives from any Level and any Field of Study (provided they satisfy the necessary pre-requisite.)
    Click here for a break down of breadth electives.

    How to choose a Breadth Elective

    How to choose a Breadth Elective

    Hover over the image and click the arrows to navigate the slider.


    Step 1: Log into myStudent Centre

    Step 1: Log into myStudent Centre. Under the Academics section open the "other academic..." drop menu and select the Enrollment:Swap option and hit the >> button.


    Step 2: Select term

    Select the term you are choosing electives for and click the "Continue" button.


    Step 3: Select elective placeholder

    If you are required to take an elective, an elective placeholder will be in your timetable. You need to swap each placeholder with a specific course. Select the class you wish to swap from the drop down menu. Click the "Search" Button next to Search for Classes (keep the default value “Class Search” in the popup menu under “With this Class”).


    Step 4: Submit search

    This will bring you to the Search Criteria page – DO NOT ENTER ANY VALUES ON THIS SCREEN – click the "Search Button"

    create password

    Step 5: View available electives

    Click the "Select class" button next to the class you want. (Please note: if there are no select class buttons next to the class choices, you will be unable to make your selection until the date indicated in the Elective Registration email notification that was sent to you – you may however, preview specific course information by clicking the section ID link.)

    Make a note of your username and password

    Step 6: Swap placeholder for elective

    You will now be on a page titled “Swap a Class”. Click the "Next" button.

    Make a note of your username and password

    Step 7: Complete elective swap

    To complete your enrollment, click the “Finish Swapping” button at the bottom of the page.

    Make a note of your username and password

    Step 8: Confirm swap

    If your course swap was successful, you will see a checkmark under the “Status” heading.

    Make a note of your username and password

    Step 9: View updated schedule

    Click the “View My Schedule” link at the bottom of the page to view your updated timetable.

    What programs require Breadth Electives?

    All of Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor Degree programs must include breadth electives from particular fields of study and levels.

    The only exception is PBHSK - Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences – Kinesiology and Health Promotion, which only requires first year students to take breadth electives.

    Academic Progress

    myAcademic Requirements

    Students can document their academic progress and view any outstanding breadth elective requirements for their program, through the myAcademic Requirements feature in myStudent Centre.

    Breadth Elective Policy

    The new Breadth Elective policy (click "Visit our Public Site") has been implemented to satisfy the breadth requirements stipulated by the Post Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board for degrees.