What is the Student Choice Initiative?

The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU) announced the Student Choice Initiative (SCI) on June 17, 2019. Under the policy, all Ontario universities and colleges must use provincial guidelines to classify services supported by students’ non-tuition ancillary fees as either essential or non-essential.

The guidelines stipulate that fees supporting essential services are compulsory for students, and fees supporting non-essential services are optional, meaning you can choose to opt out of non-essential fees.

What are the Optional Services?
The services that have been considered optional are the following:

Service FT Rate PT Rate
SSU Student Life  $28.25(incl HST)  $28.25 (flat rate, incl HST) 
SSU Clubs  $10.00  $0.67
SSU Food Bank  $5.00  $0.33
SheridanLife Radio  $5.00  $0.33
Student Refugee Program  $1.50  $0.10
Alumni Fee (one time only)  $39.55 (incl. HST)  $39.55 (flat rate, incl. HST) 

Can I opt out of any other fees that are not listed as optional?
Yes, you can opt out of your Health and Dental benefit coverage with StudentCare if you have proof of existing and comparable extended benefit coverage. A different opt out period and method applies. For more information, visit studentcare.ca (domestic students only).


How do I opt-out of services?
You will be able to opt-out of services online by June 1, 2020 via your myStudent Centre.  Detailed instructions and supporting documentation are available to you at ancillaryfees.sheridancollege.ca.


How do I determine what fees I owe?  (Account Summary)
You can view a description of your fees owing via the Account Summary in myStudent Centre under Finances.   Your fees will be posted to your account during the Spring/ Summer 2020 term registration period - beginning April 30, 2020.


Do I have to pay the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) for the Optional Services?
Yes, the HST charges are applied to the optional service fees.


Why are the fees on my Account Summary different from my Fee Estimate/Invoice?
The fees showing in your Account Summary include the HST for the optional services that was not initially reflected in all Fee Estimates/Invoices.


How many opportunities are there to opt-in/opt-out to the Optional Ancillary Services?
Enrolled students will have the opportunity to opt in/opt out of optional services prior to each term.


Who can opt-out of the Optional Services?
All full-time and part-time postsecondary students will have the ability to select their optional services each term.


How will the Student Choice Initiative affect my OSAP funding?
There will be no impact to your OSAP assessment as optional services are not covered by OSAP.


What happens if I pay my fees in full before the opt-in/opt-out period opens?
You can still opt-out and a credit will be applied to your account.

Can I change my Optional Services after the opt-in/opt-out period closes?
No, once the opt-out period closes you can no longer opt-out for that term.   You will, however, have the ability to Opt-in and Opt-out of Optional Services at the start of each term.

One exception to this is those services which are described as a one time fee, once they are paid for they cannot be refunded in future terms.