How to appeal

How it works

Applicants who are refused admission to a Sheridan program may obtain the specific reasons for such refusal and appeal that decision by submitting a request in writing to the Registrar.

Applicants who have received their admission decision and would like to request an Admission Appeal must write a formal letter of appeal and submit the appeal form. The form and further information can be obtained in the Admissions office in D200 at Trafalgar Road Campus or can be downloaded below.
Admission Appeal Form - portfolio programs

Admission Appeal Form - grades only programs
Admission Appeal Handout

How to write and submit the letter

The typed letter (12 pt. font, single-spaced, 600 words max.) must be addressed to the Registrar, Linda Dalton and delivered to D200 at the Trafalgar Road Campus, within 10 working days of receipt of the admission decision.

A $50 (non-refundable) administration fee is required with this admission appeal request. Payment can be made by debit, certified cheque or money order (no cash or credit cards)  at the front counter of the Office of the Registrar. Receipt of payment must be submitted with the letter of appeal and form.

Your letter must clearly state your name, the program you are appealing, why the Admission Appeal is being requested, the specific facts that you consider to be grounds relevant to the Admission Appeal, any previous attempts to address the situation, and include your signature.  If the request is not completed with these elements, the admission appeal may not be reviewed.

Portfolio Programs

To request an Admissions Appeal based on portfolio score, the applicant must meet the academic requirements of the program. Eligible applicants are selected for programs on the assessment of their previous academic achievement and the results of the portfolio assessment.

The original portfolio must be sent with the letter as it is possible it may be referenced along with the portfolio score and the academic marks in the appeal process. The appeal process does not provide an opportunity for resubmission of new work. New submissions will not be considered or reviewed.

Please be aware that as a result of the Admission Appeal Process, the portfolio score may be affected in one of three ways: the score may remain the same, the score may increase or the score may decrease. It is possible that any change in score will not necessarily change the admission decision.